Pool noodles aren’t just for summer! They make cute “lollipops” for a festive & whimsical candy Christmas yard display. ???


Pool noodles (1 noodle for a small lollipop. 2 noodles taped end to end for a large lollipop)
Assorted colored duck tape (Walmart)
Cellophane wrap (Dollar Tree)
Ribbon (Dollar Tree)
PVC pipe (1/2 inch cut to various sizes Lowe’s)
Heavy duty glue gun
LOTS of glue sticks
String or twine
Wide clear packing tape


Wrap noodles with duck tape in a spiral motion. Hot glue one end about 4-5 inches then bend. Hold until glue dries. Continue to hot glue noodle as you turn the noodle making a circle. (Using your chest as leverage helps.) Keeping the noodle pressed against the chest while you are glueing & turning is very helpful. Be very liberal with the glue…very. You will use 2 glue sticks for a small lollipop & 3-4 glue sticks for a large lollipop. After the lollipop has been completed…hold the lollipop between your knees…tie the string around the lollipop until glue has dried & lollipop is secure. (I leave my lollipops tied for many hours or overnight.) After the lollipops are set, untie & cut a small hole in the bottom of the noodle. Shove a piece of the PVC pipe in the hole. Secure “stick” with hot glue. Wrap the lollipop with cellophane. Using clear tape tack down any cellophane on the back where needed. Gather the cellophane at the base of the lollipop & tie a ribbon in the front. I stuck my “sticks” in hay bales leftover from my fall display I sprayed with cans of snow. You can use tomato stakes or rebar stuck in the ground as a way to hold lollipops too.