…Make a joyful symphony before the Lord, the King! Psalm 98:6 (NLT)

Classical music extraordinaire like Beethoven, Mozart and Bach, composers that lived during the “classical music period,” who left a legacy of classical masterpiece compositions. Musical geniuses scripting well-crafted music into art with just the right notes, chords and arrangements. Elaborate musical symphonies still marveled, revered and applauded to this very day.

Life is a masterpiece composition; and more importantly YOUR life. Constructed not by mere human hands, but the Maestro of the rhythm and rhyme of life. The Master of your life Who before the foundation of the world crafted an exquisite symphony written with your name as the title; just for your heart, soul and mind. In your very beginning, in secret, forming you note by note and string by string. Charting your life as lyrics sung from a worship hymnal.

Life’s trials to triumphs sketch the chords for your testimony composing a symphony created by the greatest Conductor. When broken and discarded instruments are surrendered to the Luthier’s(loodeer) loving and skillful hands; your previously poor performance transposes to a symphony that is music to the ear. The Composer takes your tears and scripts musical notes comprising a beautiful harmony singing praises to God’s faithfulness. A melody only you and your Father will know the verses to. Do not allow humankind or the evil one to destroy the hymn written from your teardrops; your Melodist will not permit your tune to end on a sour note. Sing your anthem of restoration with hums of joy and shouts of praise with an ending finale and a standing ovation directed to the greatest Composer of your life.

Father, in Your hands, I become an accomplished medley with in sync heartbeats between the sheet music of my life and You the Songsmith. You have taken my silent life by the world’s standard and made it a supernatural opus. Thank you for restoring the music of my life to an alluring sound drawing others to a rhapsody of Your praise.

For His Glory,

Kim Lacey Schock