Thanksgiving is fast approaching…reserve a place at the table for each of  your guests with this cute fall name markers. Let’s face it, individual “name card holders” can be expensive to buy for every person coming to dinner. Here’s a great inexpensive way to accomplish a festive fall look and make sure every one has a place at the table. Better yet…it cost the price of a bag of apples. I love it!!!


a bag of apples (the least inexpensive way to achieve this project)

(or a slightly more expensive way is a combination of pears,  apples, and/or mini pumpkins)

straight pins

fall theme ribbon

tea lights

paint pens

sharp paring knife

mini faux fall flowers or leaves

hot glue gun

How to assemble:

Choose fruit that will stand on it’s end. Place a tea light on top of the apple as a guide; press down hard so the tea light will make an indention in the flesh of the apple. Using a sharp paring knife, follow the indention with the blade of the knife. Basically, your coring out the first half inch of the apple. Whittle away at the flesh until the tea light fits snug. Set the tea light in the apple.  Next, wrap ribbon about the apple in a diagonal fashion; leave enough ribbon to tie a bow.  Using a stick pin, secure the ribbon to the apple. Using a hot glue gun, secure the  faux fall flowers and leaves to the ribbon (not to the peel). Take a paint pen and write your guests names on the ribbon. Let dry (plan ahead for drying time). Light the tea lights just before your guests sit down to eat. Apples work well standing alone or on a small saucer or decorative plate with  a bed of straw, real or faux leaves and/or flowers surrounding the apple. (Note: no need in wasting these apples…instead of throwing the apples away after your dinner gathering make an apple pie or something apple.)