On her journey to victory, Kim realized that God’s thoughts are far above hers and His ways are definitely not her ways…both in the natural and the supernatural realms. She would never have chosen to walk the path she’s hiked the past 102 months…yes, 8 years and 6 months!

However, Kim came to understand if God is going to use us in a mighty way there may be a painful path to travel, which leads to the place God has destined for our future. Our gifts may have never been discovered or developed had it not been for the trials and journey. It became very apparent to Kim that it is not always our victories that catapult us to the next level, but our defeats. Sometimes God has a plan that we cannot see, but we must trust that He is working everything for our good.

Kim has experienced a journey of pain, suffering and brokenness. It’s during this “traveling” she learned God takes our pain and turns it into power, our suffering into satisfaction and our brokenness into healing. During this time of great heartache she testifies through her writings how faithful God has been since the beginning of time. Never to leave nor forsake any of His children. Kim has been refined by the Refiner into the woman she is today for His namesake and His glory; becoming a woman of dynamic faith believing if God said it…He meant it no “ifs,” “ands,” or “buts.”

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